Cirrus Insight integrates Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Contacts with Salesforce. Cirrus Files integrates Google Drive with Salesforce

Combining RealZips and Cirrus Insight gives you Actionable Sales Intelligence™ right in your inbox. This is how it works:



Cirrus Insight + RealZips in Gmail

- Check time zone before making calls

- Review sales team calling on each customer

- Get full visibility of contacts in all areas

- Book meetings in the right areas with the right contacts


RealZips GeoData in Gmail


Actionable GeoData in your inbox

Instant Answers

  • How many leads in the area?

  • How many contacts do we have?

  • How much in sales across a city?

  • What is the overall potential?

Immediate Actions

  • Ensure contacts are owned by the right salespeople

  • Forward email to the right sales or support people

  • Set up meetings with many contacts when making travel plans




Run one-click reports from your Inbox

Take immediate action, using one-click reports from your inbox

  • Review potential across zip codes, cities, metro areas and territories

  • Reach out to leads across any geographic area

  • Book meetings with accounts in the city you will visit

  • Analyze open and closed opportunities across a metropolitan area our county



Get Instant Analytics and Take Action


Drill down into areas expected to yield the best results. Run geographic reports from your inbox. Review leads across metropolitan areas and cities. Plan calls and visits in the areas with the top potential and close more deals:




Actionable Sales Intelligence


By combining Cirrus Insight and RealZips, your whole team receives access to GeoData in their inbox.

Speed up sales workflows and get in touch with more customers faster.


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