It’s really exciting to install and configure RealZips, since the app comes out-of-box with 2,000,000 geographic data points and geographic data layers.

Your existing CRM data in Salesforce will be better organized and more actionable. Your team will love how powerful the Salesforce Search will become. Standard reports will be improved - thanks to geographic drill-downs and market data - used to discover new sales opportunities.



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  • Install RealZips and upload geographic datasets

  • Structure existing CRM data by geographic layers

  • Create sales territories and assign zip codes to territories*

  • Enhance Leads and Accounts with geographic data

  • Assign Leads and Accounts to territories and sales reps

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Plug in and configure the RealZips app

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Prepare to automatically structure your team’s Salesforce CRM data across cities, counties, metropolitan areas, sales regions, and sales territories. Relate multiple sales team members to each Zip code as needed.

Assign leads and accounts instantly to territories and sales reps. Run mass updates of ownership as territories are changed, eliminating weeks of tedious work tasks. Optimize your team’s sales territories, using deep market data and guide them to new opportunities.


We have had a great experience installing RealZips. It’s straightforward and very easy to understand.

From an administrator perspective I wish all apps were this easy to work with.
— K. Salim
It’s an absolute rush to see our customers’ embrace RealZips, improving marketing campaigns and focusing their sales efforts.

We celebrate every time our customers tell us about their new-found sales success!
— F. Widarsson


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* The included US and Canadian geographic datasets require 90 Mb of free space in our Salesforce org. Required Salesforce editions: Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, or Performance. The app makes no external API calls, therefore posing no security risks to your CRM data. Creation of sales territories and geographic assignments require guidance from your team, such as territory names, sales rep names, and a baseline of geographic territory assignments on a geographic level such as state, county, city, metropolitan area, partial zip code, or full zip code.