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How to use GeoData for B2B Targeting

1. Add GeoData targets - by NAICS Code

2. Compare Potential vs. Customers

3. Drive Revenue Growth

1. Add GeoData targets - by NAICS Code

NAICS is the perfect tool for identifying your target market across industries, company sizes and geographical areas. The latest NAICS data was released in May 2015.

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is the standard used by Federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data related to the U.S. business economy.” –

The NAICS data holds information over 7,500,000 companies across 1,000 industries, divided by employee size. With the data available in the RealZips app - you will soon track potential customers across any geographical level - down to each Zip code.

The range of industries in the NAICS database is amazing: breweries, telecommunication carriers, new car dealers, different types of manufacturing companies, hospitals, physicians, dentists, insurance agents, contractors, restaurants, banking, different types of retail stores, schools and much more. Contact us and ask for the complete 50-page report of industries by NAICS code.

For example, this is the number of Software Publishers in Zip code 90405:



2. Compare Potential vs. Customers

Let's say you're selling to Software Publishers in the Metro Los Angeles territory (screenshot below)

  • In the NAICS database, there are 76 Software Publishers in your territory
  • You're currently qualifying 41 Leads
  • Zip code 90066 is completely untapped
  • You have already secured 23 Accounts
  • Some customers have not yet made a purchase this year
  • You've done 328 Activities across your territory
  • So far, you've generated $1,219,100 in revenue

Your growth potential is substantial

  • You have  53 untapped companies
    (76 Software Publishers minus your 23 Accounts)
  • Average revenue per customer is $53,000 Year To Date
  • Your untapped revenue potential is north of $2,500,000


3. Drive Revenue Growth

Get baseline for target companies

When you have the baseline of  target companies by NAICS codes in Salesforce,  your whole team can instantly focus marketing and sales activities within areas that will deliver sales growth.

Combine GeoData and

Combine GeoData for NAICS targets with the contact data, to immediately discover companies you need to get in touch with. gives you the NAICS  code for each Account and Contact record, making it possible to compare potential business with existing customers in any geographic area.

Get started with GeoData for B2B Targeting within days

Contact us to discuss which of the 1,000 industries you should target through the RealZips app. We will have you up and running with GeoData for B2B targeting, helping your whole team uncover new opportunities.