RealDatasets™ describe your unique market potential

Use RealDatasets to balance sales territories, identify market potential and target locations in every-day sales efforts.

We provide thousands of datapoints describing your market, that will help your team to focus their sales efforts.


RealDatasets used by sales teams to identify potenital

Different industries need different RealDatasets to understand their potential on a zip-code level or any other geographical level.

The datasets are used to index in real-time against existing customer database, to understand local and national market penetration.

In the screenshot below a pharmaceutical salesrep is reviewing the market potential across a zip code, while planning sales activities.


Actionable Sales Intelligence

RealDatasets are the foundation for driving your CRM workflows.

There are many types of external and internal datasets that can be combined in RealZips, by aggregating data on a zip code level.

The datasets are indexed in real-time to trigger updates and provide action items for your team and external stakeholders.