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Review a single territory


Each territory has it's own page, with all data needed to drive collaboration between team members.

Get instant access to the different sales teams covering the same territory and zip code. Drive collaboration and success across channel partners, field sales teams and support teams.


Track sales and activity quotas


Enable your sales team to track their own sales quota and activity quota in real-time, helping them plan their success

Quota tracking against sales, activities, and opportunity pipeline is updated in real-time. The team can visually see if they are ahead or behind on any performance metric, and can prioritize activities that will help them reach their goals.


Focus sales efforts in zip codes with top potential


Territories are based on Zip codes. Each zip code has metrics for market potential and sales performance.

Immediately review a territory's Zip codes by market potential and decide where to go and open up conversations.


Plan meetings. In seconds

Instantly review all your business in Zip code 85013

The RealZips app makes it possible to review and set up meetings with people in the area. Review all Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Cases in the Zip code and make business happen!


Instant overview of territories

Don't wait for monthly territory reports! Now, everyone can track territory progress in real-time on their mobile.

Metrics for each sales region and territory is immediately available, including performance indicators. Manage any time of territories, such as field sales, channel sales, partner sales and franchise territories.


Access territory maps

Use maps to review territory borders, plan customer events and travels.

As companies grow and continuously optimize sales territories, it becomes impossible to remember territory borders.

With territory maps in the RealZips app, everyone on your team can avoid geographic confusion. Instead, you can empower everyone to focus on areas with highest growth opportunity.


Review territory key metrics and take instant action


All key data across a territory is continuously updated, enabling the sales team to focus on what to do next.

When the sales rep and sales management collaborate, they can review the key metrics and instantly decide if the territory needs more leads from the inside sales team, or if the activity level should be adjusted to open up more opportunities.


Review market potential and sales performance

Zip code 85013 in Phoenix is an important "micro-market". Both Market Potential and Sales Performance is high.

To protect the business in 85013, it's important for your team to engaged with to existing accounts and block the competition from gaining a foothold.


Open up dialogs, right where you are

All leads in can instantly be pulled up and reviewed.

After visiting existing customers, addressing cases, and moving opportunities forward, reach out to leads in the area and open up new business.


Accelerate Sales with Mobile Territory Management