The RealZips app for Salesforce makes it possible for your team to become even more successful

RealZips empowers your team with GeoData, so they can market and sell to the right customers in the right geographical areas.

RealZips users often feel like they have superpowers. These are the most common powers people using RealZips tell us about:

#8: Unstoppable Momentum

Power:  You become impossible to stop once you're moving in the right direction

Having data that tells you where to find customers is a highly empowering. Your team no longer struggles to uncover new potential customers. Instead they are focusing on marketing and sales efforts in geographical areas with the most potential customers.

With RealZips your team can keep the fun momentum going, recruiting new super customers!

RealZips has easily been the most beneficial app I’ve downloaded to date.
— Latoya W.

#7: Controlling Technology

Power: Manipulation of technological devices and data

Messy customer data sales is like kryptonite for Superman. It will drain everyone’s power and everything will come to a halt. The RealZips app enhances and structures all customer data in Salesforce, giving your team the ability to be in control of their technology and customer data.

#6: Time Manipulation

Power: Compress time and reach more customers

Need more time to market and sell to more customers? Are you losing time marketing in areas with too few customers? Are you spending time driving for hours between customer meetings?

RealZips makes it possible to find the areas many potential customers. Your team can be laser-focused on marketing and visiting customers in areas where they can be most effective. It’s like slowing down time, since your team can interact with more customers.

#5: Precognition

Power: Being able see what's about to happen before it happens

RealZips will not make it possible to predict the stock market, but will help you figure out where you’re most likely to find customers, book meetings and close more deals. At the end of next quarter, RealZips might have contributed more to your success than your stock portfolio.

Our team couldn’t be happier with this tool! Target lists that normally take an hour+ to generate, are done instantly. It is an amazing tool! You will love it!
— Kris C.

#4: Self-Confidence

Power: Ability to draw power from your self-confidence

This power is related to Unstoppable Momentum. If you’re in control of your goals and know where and how to drum up more business, and you’re servicing existing customers' right, you feel confident and your momentum will further increase.

RealZips breaks down all customer data across a sales territory, letting you see what is happening with customers and where you have growth potential.

#3: Self Multiplication

Power: The capacity to create multiple versions of yourself

This is a superpower we often hear salespeople  wishing for. Every time outside salespeople need to transport themselves to a new customer location, they’re losing precious sales time! Thanks to RealZips, the whole outside sales team can minimize time lost to travel travels.

We spoke with one sales rep who had used RealZips to find and visit 50 new customer leads 10 days into a free trial of RealZips. Without the app, this could only have been done by self-multiplication.

#2: Super Learning

Power: The ability to analyze data and information very quickly

You can subscribe to hundreds of market reports that cover your target market, future growth opportunity, plus industry data. With so much data out there to crunch through, it becomes hard to find time to sell.

With RealZips, actionable Sales Intelligence about your market is built into Salesforce, right next to your existing Leads, Accounts and Contacts. No need to spend time cross-referencing market reports, spreadsheets and Salesforce. The data is all in one place where you need it, just like you have super learning powers.

Implementing RealZips gave our marketing ops team 15% of their week back and enabled another team!
— Angela O.

#1: X-Ray Vision

Power: Ability to see through anything

We all wish we had X-ray vision from time to time. It’s a great time saver since you can quickly find misplaced car keys  - or leave gifts you don’t like wrapped.

Making sense out of your customer CRM data is often like trying to see through a brick wall.

With RealZips, all customer data becomes neatly organized by zip codes, sales zones, cities and metropolitan areas. When you need to plan visits or need to find new customers in a new part of town… it’s like having X-ray vision!