The RealZips team is only focused on one thing. Your success.

Our obsession is helping you and your team to connect with the right customers, in the right geographical areas. At the right time.


Fredrik Widarsson - Founder & CEO

25 years experience of building and implementing global CRM systems.

Ran Salesforce for 1,200 users during a $1.8 billion corporate

Built RealZips based on the pain points of not having a robust geographic platform in the CRM system. Triathlete and wannabe photographer.


Jennifer Wobser - GeoData Evangelist

Jen is a Mother, Mentor and Salesforce Vet Admin since 2003.

She Salesforce MVP Admin and certified Advanced Admin since 2008 and the GeoData Evangelist at RealZips.

Follow Jen on Twitter: @CRMSalesGem