1. Salesforce Wave Analytics: Top level view

Review your company's key metrics, starting with the complete market of software companies.


2. Group all Salesforce data: Census Regions & Divisions


3. View key metrics: Sales Districts and Territories


4. Add market potential: GeoData across 1,000 industries

Sample: Software companies by employee size. Contact us for deep B2B and B2C market data.

Review Market Potential.png

5. Run campaigns: Areas with activities but no sales

Analyze by "Google DMA Regions". Find areas where sales teams do activities, but have not yet made a sell.
Run Google Adword Campaigns in these regions.


6. Host conferences: Metro areas with most leads & customers


7. Generate business: 10 cities with top potential & no sales

8. Visit Florida: Cities with most customers


9. Book customer meetings: by Zip code in Ft Lauderdale

10.  Mobile Analytics: Check sales growth from anywhere

Drill into sales number across census regions, states, sales regions, sales territories, metropolitan areas, counties, cities and zip codes.