Interactive Maps on Salesforce Pages

Add RealZips Maps to any page in Salesforce. Empower your team with territory and customer visualizations on any device.

Interactive Maps on Salesforce Pages

Empower users with fast maps

RealZips Maps empowers all your Salesforce Users with fast maps on any page and on any device.

Reasons to add RealZips Maps

Instant visualization

Empower all your Users to immediately visualize records in Salesforce, using instant filters.

Reassign territories

Make is possible for Salesforce Admins and Revenue Operations teams to instantly reassign global territories.

Plan Marketing and Sales

RealZips Maps makes it possible to immediately identify hotspots for marketing campaigns and sales activities.

Launch Campaigns. Export data.

Add Leads and Contacts to Campaigns. Export data to Excel. Runs on Mobile devices, for instant turn-by-turn navigation.

Make every Salesforce Page interactive

Thrill your Salesforce Users with RealZips Maps, enabling them to visualize their own data and make instant decisions.

Instant User Adoption

RealZips Maps makes it possible to add map visualization to Salesforce with little or no learning curve for your Users.

Object selections and Filter settings are intuitive and simple to Use. It will take your Users only minutes to learn how to use RealZips Maps.

The speed of the mapping is made possible of the rich geographic data in the RealZips app, creating a comprehensive framework of geographic dimensions such as territories, cities, counties, MSA Metro areas and more.

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RealZips is 100% native in Salesforce, so your team can focus on their success.