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RealZips is a geographic data platform for Salesforce, providing an automated data structure. Deploy RealZips in a matter of hours and start solving business challenges. Improve processes across territory management, lead routing, and analytics. Add geo-targeting to your marketing platform and boost lead generation. Integrate market data and distance zones, enabling your team to accelerate revenue.


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Geographic data platform

Plug your existing CRM data into our geographic data platform. Structure and enrich customer data.

Thousands of hours are often lost, as team members struggle with unstructured and rapidly growing CRM data. Companies implementing RealZips can deliver marketing and sales success, as their customer data becomes organized in its full geographical context.

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Territory management

Upgrade to a robust and flexible territory solution, powered by zip codes.

Most organizations struggle with territory management workarounds, losing time, sales reps, and customers in the process. By contrast, organizations using RealZips successfully manage territories by integrating CRM data, geographic layers, drive zones, and market data.

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Few things will demotivate a sales team faster than uncertainties around lead and customer ownership. Companies stand to lose millions of dollars, unless they can prove to their sales team that ownership is set up right. RealZips was originally built to solve this core problem.

Lead routing & ownership

Set up lead routing and automated ownership rules for accounts, contacts, opportunities, and cases.

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CRM data must be put into a context before it can be used to power your business. Distance zones around your sales reps will immediately make your CRM data actionable. Market data across geographic areas will guide every action taken by marketing and sales teams.

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Distance zones & market data

Create distance zones for locations. Rank geographic areas based on market data and your key metrics.

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Sales & marketing enablement

Combine geographic data, market potential, and CRM data. Roll out data-driven business processes.

Companies using RealZips energize their teams by saving them thousands of hours as they are now targeting geographic areas with the highest market potential. They connect with more potential customers, and generate more closed opportunities.

100 % Salesforce native technology. No complexity.


The RealZips app, geographic data, and deep market data is 100 % natively managed in your Salesforce organization. There are no API connections that can break and interrupt your business. There is no possibility for third-parties to gain access to your valuable CRM data through the RealZips app.

The app is compatible with the Salesforce Lightning user interface and Salesforce mobile apps. The architecture is intentionally simple, which is a must for data processing speed and scalability as we’re adding new functionality. RealZips is built to support huge datasets with market data across all industries and global geographic data structures.


100 % focus on sales enablement.


RealZips runs on a robust technology platform, so your team can focus on driving sales success. The video is quick introduction to how easily the sales team can review their territory performance, drill into Zip codes with the highest market potential, and pick which leads to get in touch with first:

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Amazing Salesforce App! All sales-oriented companies should implement RealZips.

RealZips was so easy to implement and spot-on for our geo-targeting needs. The RealZips team had us up and running live in Salesforce in less than a week.

My sales team doesn’t go a day without checking their RealZips, looking for the best places to generate business.
— R. Choi

RealZips use cases. By the numbers.


Nothing makes us more proud than learning about our customers’ success, as they implement RealZips. Organizations across all industries now leverage the app, as they continuously add more and more use cases:

  • Dividing 500,000 contacts by territory and assigning ownership to the right sales rep in a matter of hours.

  • Freeing up to 15 % of the total workload each week across the entire marketing operations team.

  • Dividing 2,500 donors by metropolitan areas in 60 minutes, improving fundraising efficiency for a well-known nonprofit.

  • Segmenting accounts by 3,000 counties, automatically adding mission-critical agricultural county metrics to each record.

  • Routing 7,000+ leads based on drive distance. Leads are assigned either to closest office or to the remote-sales team.

  • Managing global territories across 150 countries and 7 sales teams, closing more cross- and up-sell opportunities.

  • Aggregating demographics, Zillow data and store locations, creating a 0-100 index for geo-targeted real estate investments.

  • Managing 250+ reseller territories optimized by distance zones, competitive locations, and demographic spending habits.

  • Integrating RealZips geo-targeting with Pardot in 5 hours, which generates more qualified leads on a smaller marketing budget.

  • Routing 100,000+ leads to franchise locations. Leads are assigned based on product, drive distance, and competitive risk.

  • Adding 550,000+ medical procedures, used for territory optimization, marketing campaigns, and precise sales targeting.

  • Saving sales reps 15+ hours of drive time per month, as they target zip codes with the highest potential closest to their offices.

  • Discovering 1,400 new leads. Holding 500 additional meetings. Smaller sales team adding $250,000+ in recurring yearly revenue.

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RealZips is tested and proven to save teams hundreds of hours, simplify Salesforce administration, and accelerate revenue.

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