Accelerate Revenue with RealZips

Challenge: How can we effectively manage territories?
Solution: Structure all Salesforce data with RealTerritories

The free add-on RealTerritories rolls up all data in RealZips into complex sales territories.
Identify market potential across territories, track against sales quota in real time and drive team collaboration.
RealTerritories delivers a 100% customizable territory management solution, built to accelerate revenue.

Challenge: What is our white space?
Solution: Get deep market data for growth

Utilize data for financial services, healthcare, life sciences, communications, retail, media, manufacturing, higher education, nonprofits.
Put 10+ billion datapoints across 1,000 industries by NAICS code, deep demographics, weather data to work everyday.
RealZips with RealDatasets empowers your team to make immediate decisions for growth.

Review Market Potential.png

Challenge: Are our territories optimized for growth?
Solution: Use RealZips to improve sales territories

One of the biggest challenges for all companies is matching territories with sales and marketing personnel.
Know where to invest your marketing and sales dollars, focus on areas with the strongest return.
RealZips automatically combines market potential and customer data, setting the stage for revenue growth.

Challenge: Our reports lack geographic structure
Solution: Add GeoData to Salesforce

Run awesome Salesforce reports with automated geographic structures.
Search, filter and analyze your customer data in ways never possible in the past.
Run reports across census regions, states, sales regions, metropolitan areas, sales territories, counties, cities and Zip codes.

Challenge: We need to analyze our business in real-time
Solution: RealZips and Mobile Analytics

Decisions need to be made everywhere.
Drill into census regions, sales territories, metropolitan areas and cities.
Use Salesforce Mobile Analytics with RealZips GeoData to deliver actionable intelligence anytime, anywhere.

Challenge: Are accounts owned by the right reps?
Solution: Instantly manage account ownership

Many challenges stem from accounts being owned by the incorrect sales person.
Visibly and accurately manage ownership of leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities.
RealZips automatically compares ownership of Zip codes with accounts in Salesforce..

Challenge: When can we get started with RealZips?
Solution: Book us. Start your free trial!

During your free 30 day trial, we will provide GeoData specific to your industry and growth needs to identify your true market potential.
The longer you wait, the more opportunities could be passing you by.

Manage Territories | Route Leads | Align Ownership | Identify Potential | Track Performance
Automatic Geographic Structure | 100% native Salesforce app and data integration