Reporting, Dashboards & Analytics

Unlock your Salesforce data by adding GeoData. Enhance reports and dashboards. Provide drill-down analytics and actionable insights.

Reporting, Dashboards & Analytics

enhance your Salesforce Data

Improve your Salesforce data with millions of geographic data points. Connect the dots between territories, customers, geographic dimensions and market data. Empower your Salesforce users to get more done in less time.

geodata structure

Append your Salesforce data with an automatic geographic data structure, including deep market data.

enhanced reports

Make Salesforce standard reports interactive with territory and GeoData drill-down capabilities.

dynamic dashboards

Speed up the creation and administration of interactive Dashboards with deep contextual GeoData.

market data

Compare customers versus Total Addressable Market. Provide guidance for marketing and sales activities.

Make Salesforce reports and dashboards awesome

Make Salesforce reports and dashboards exciting to use by adding GeoData layers. Help your Users to quickly get to the information they need, by providing powerful drill-down capabilites.

Experience GeoData

Organizations implementing RealZips are seeing their Salesforce data improve overnight, as they automatically enhance millions records with powerful GeoData. Is your team ready to experience GeoData?

Reporting and Dashboard

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