Customer Success & Professional Services

The Customer Success team will help you get instant business value from the RealZips GeoData Platform and deep market data.

Customer Success & Professional Services

Drive GeoData Success

Select the consulting modules your team needs to drive success.

Remove your internal bottlenecks and add to your team’s skillsets. Seamlessly combine these modules with your internal staff and consulting teams.

Ensure success while deploying the RealZips Territory Management app.

Customer Success

The RealZips customer success ensures a rapid installation and configuration of RealZips, and provides ongoing support.

Professional Services

Engage the RealZips Professional Services team for complex projects such as global territory management and heavy process automation.

User Experience

Tap into the RealZips team when it comes to creating compelling User Experiences and enabling your business to succeed.

Market Data Aquisition

The RealZips team serves some of the world’s most successful organizations with market data and competitive data.

Project Management Collaboration

The RealZips team offers you a unique implementation and support experience. All Professional Services Modules are based on proven methods and templates in our Basecamp project portal.

Professional Services Modules

These are some of our most popular Professional Services modules, enjoyed by many RealZips customers:

  • Configure RealZips app
  • Architect data structure
  • Calculate key metrics
  • Integrate market data
  • Optimize sales territories
Professional Services

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