Market GeoData & GeoData Insights

Integrate deep geographic data and market geodata with your existing customer data. Uncover untapped market opportunities and track competitive threats, thanks to virtually unlimited datasets.

Market GeoData & GeoData Insights

Integrate market data with your Salesforce data

There’s an endless stream of market data, intended to help your team understand changing market conditions. However, the data is not in your Salesforce and it’s not related to your customer data.

RealZips has rewritten the rules for how market geodata can be integrated and consumed within Salesforce, by automatically relating deep market data with your customer data:

Add market data

Integrate business data and consumer data from any source, such as Census 2020, American Community Survey, NAICS business data, IRS, health care data, and even competitive data.

Calculate indexes

Create automated index rankings of zip codes and postal codes, to represent each geographic area’s market opportunity. Focus marketing and sales activities in best-fit areas.

Categorize customers

Automatically relate prospects and customers with geographic indexes. Give each opportunity a geographic context. Use geodata intelligence during customer engagements.

Automate processes

Drive automation based on market data. Example: Your company sells solar panels, so RealZips will prioritize incoming leads in areas with most sun hours and the best local incentives.

Integrate Market data

Relate deep market data with your existing data in Salesforce. Discover growth opportunities in a matter of seconds.

Enable marketing and sales

Market data in Salesforce enables marketing to run geotargeted campaigns. Your sales team can focus activities in areas that will generate the most closed deals across best-fit customers.

  • Prioritize incoming leads in best-fit areas.
  • Run distance-based marketing campaigns.
  • Flag leads with degree of competitive risk.
  • Plan travels based on proximity to airports.
  • Review Opportunities by geographic hotspots.
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