Territory Management

Global Territory Management powered by data and interactive maps.

Territory Management

RealZips Territories

Pre-configured territory management solution, designed for a rapid rollout.

Configure RealZips Territories in a matter of days and give your team actionable customer insights.

Out-of-box real-time Territory Dashboards with interactive maps. Deliver unprecedented insights into Lead qualification, Prospect targeting, Account management and Opportunity pipeline.

Salesforce-Native Global Territory Management

RealZips Territories makes it possible to manage complex global territory structures, supported with market data analytics, lead routing, account ownership automation, and account sharing.

Multi-channel and overlapping territories made possible

RealZips Territories is a unique solution, since it can be configured to manage geographically overlapping territories across multiple channels.

Turn Territory challenges into sales success

Many organizations struggle with aligning marketing efforts and enabling sales collaboration across internal sales teams and external channels.

RealZips Territories supports all types of industries, territory structures, and sales team hierarchies. You can quickly configure RealZips Territories to fit your team’s needs, starting with out-of-box settings.

RealZips territories enables your team to collaborate and accelerate revenue, empowering them to focus on the right geographic places and connect faster with the right customers.

RealZips Territories
Key Features

Provide sales reps, sales management, sales operations, corporate management, and channel partners with powerful tools to deliver sales success:

  • Out-of-box Territory Management
  • Dynamic Territory Dashboards
  • Interactive Maps for any Salesforce page
  • Lead routing
  • Account Sharing and Ownership Automation
  • Account Collaboration
  • Opportunity Management
  • Case Assignment
  • Territory Planning & Analytics
  • Territory Optimization
  • Market Data for Growth
  • Sales & Activity Quotas
  • Commissions Baseline
  • Territory Handovers
  • New Reps Ramp-up
  • Ownership History
Territory Management

Amazing App

“RealZips is such a great tool. One of our favorites in the AppExchange! It’s solved one of our biggest problems, which was routing the correct leads to the right sales reps. Huge time saver and very reliable. Would recommend this to everyone.”

– S. Ouadah

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