GeoLocation Intelligence: Maps & Nearby

With RealZips GeoLocation Intelligence you can relate nearby Salesforce records and run campaigns. Visualize Salesforce records and market data in Lighting components. Import brand new Leads directly from the map interface.

GeoLocation Intelligence: Maps & Nearby

RealZips GeoData Components

RealZips is a modular Salesforce app, built around an enterprise-level core. The core app delivers security and performance for the most demanding Salesforce organizaions. Add GeoData Lightning components to visualize data and speed up workflows.

RealZips GeoData Component

Display GeoData insights on any Salesforce page layout. Flag Leads with “In preferred market” or “Outside preferred market”. Add identifiers such as county, time zone, and market potential.

RealTerritories Component

Showcase the sales team members and channel partners on any Salesforce page. Dynamically show different and service teams, based on geography, product interest and lead / account status.

RealZips Maps

Display Salesforce data on dynamic Lightning map components on any Salesforce page. Configure map filters and ensure a simple and powerful user experience for all users.

RealZips Nearby

Find Salesforce records by a set distance. Run a one-click report of Leads from e.g. 20 miles from a venue. Filter results further in a standard report. Add the results to any Salesforce Campaigns.

Leads Import Map

Import endless amounts of Leads from Google Maps. Quickly configure search filters for maximum flexbility. Lead Import will also capture URL and Google Reviews datatapoints.

RealZips Closest

Pre-calculate by zip code: closest store, sales rep, service location, channel partner, airport, competitor, etc. Instantly relate vast amounts of leads and accounts to closest locations.

Add RealZips lightning components to page layouts

Put RealZips components to use in your Salesforce ORG. Give your Users a completely new and interactive experience, giving them a deeper understanding of customer locations. Use GeoData for sales activities and geo-targed marketing.

Put geolocation intelligence to use

The RealZips components open up endless possibilities for your team to drive sales success, powered by geographic location data:

  • Collaborate across team members, ranking incoming Leads.
  • Refer a customer account to an internal specialist.
  • Prioritize opportunities in best-fit geographic areas.
  • Gain an instant understanding for each customer’s location.
  • Find hotspots of similar accounts and opportunities.
GeoLocation Intelligence Nearby and Maps

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