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How is it possible for the RealZips app to provide global GeoData coverage?

Maintaining global postal code data is not feasible, since it would require a huge amount of data records of which many would be immediately outdated. RealZips solves this problem by dynamically using combinations of full and partial postal codes in real-time.

One country’s GeoData in RealZips can be represented by a single ‘Catch-All’ country-record, combined with 2-digit postal codes and also full postal codes. For example, Canada has 1,600,000 postal codes. By default RealZips uses a 3-digit GeoData structure for Canada for utmost efficiency, combined with full postal codes as needed in the largest cities.

How can RealZips ensure security for Salesforce ORGs with sensitive data?

RealZips is a 100% Salesforce-native app, giving your Salesforce Admins and security team full control over what internal and external Users can access from RealZips.

By design, our platform does not provide any API calls in the managed code base. The RealZips app is therefore trusted by some of the most well-known global brands, much in part of our security standards.

What about integration with Salesforce apps and with apps outside of Salesforce?

RealZips can be used together with most Salesforce-native apps, making the addition of RealZips functionally both quick and seamless. RealZips can naturally be used in your ORGs custom development. For apps outside Salesforce, it’s a simple two-step process: Use the standard Salesforce API to gain completely secure access to RealZips. Each record in RealZips has a unique key, which can be used across any type of app or database.

Since RealZips has an open data architecture, the data can very efficiently be exposed on web page forms for lead routing, piped into large data warehouses, used in real-time in marketing automation tools, used in Tableau analytics, other CRM systems, SAP, and much more. You can even feed critical data into RealZips from external sources.

Can RealZips be trusted to deliver enterprise-grade performance and reliability?

RealZips is trusted by global Salesforce ORGs – running 24×7 operations – with a very high level of legacy automation processes, across millions of records on their Salesforce platforms.

The RealZips app has a number of built-in and overlapping failover mechanisms, to effectively support organizations with a complex technology stack. RealZips is built for Organizations with a significant payload of custom code and automation, plus a vast number of records.

What kind of additional datasets can be used in RealZips?

The possibilities to add additional datasets is virtually limitless. Organizations use datasets available on RealDatasets.com, to give their own Salesforce data a better structure, set the context for marketing and sales, plus provide actionable insights.

Many companies add their own datasets. Reasons to add custom datasets range across the need to pinpoint competitive threats, identify total addressable market, understand local conditions, and better service customers.

We’re seeing more and more organizations automatically enrich leads and customers with jurisdictional compliance and local incentives information.

Can RealZips enable us to manage complex territories?

RealZips makes it possible to manage territories down to a Zip code level. Multiple sales teams and channel partners can be assigned countries, states, MSA Metro areas, counties… all the way down to the Zip code.

Since it is a highly flexible GeoData Platform, new territory structures (such as the addition of a new sales team or channel partner) can be implemented in real-time. Territory team members can be assigned dynamically, based on changing business requirements.

Is it possible to use RealZips for managing ownership of Salesforce records?

One of the most common use cases for implementing it is real-time lead assignment and account ownership. Not only can the ownership be set to run automatically, but the app provides powerful fail-over methods to ensure ownership is correct.

RealZips also provides the ability to manage ownership exceptions, which is a must in most larger companies.

Are there add-ons available for the RealZips app?

There are a number of off-the-shelf add-ons for our platform such as RealTerritories, RealStates, RealCounties, School Districts, IRS  data and American Community Survey demographic data and much more.

Our philosophy is to provide the simplest possible data structure with the smallest possible payload of code complexity. Our goal is to ensure security, reliability, speed and scalability.

The core RealZips GeoData Platform is by design simple to implement and use. Our add-ons follow the same simple philosophy – to be rapidly implemented – as business needs change across your teams.

How easily can our own team customize RealZips to suit our business needs?

The customization is just as easy as customizing your core Salesforce apps. Critical data points managed in RealZips (such as the local salesrep’s name) can be made visible on a Lead record in just a few clicks.

Reporting and analytics is simply done by combining your existing Salesforce data with the deep data available in RealZips.

What is a typical timeframe for installing and configuring RealZips?

We have seen RealZips implementations finish in a little as 4 hours; install the app, add a massive amount of Zip code based data, create territories and assign 500,000 records to the right sales rep. However, you should expect to spend some more time, to ensure the configuration is right and your own data is clean.

A typical installation and configuration usually falls within the 12 to 36 hours range. We highly recommend our Professional Services to engage with your team during implementation, to ensure we help create best practices for using the RealZips and get immediate results.

How long does it take for an organization to experience value from RealZips?

Our goal is to get a call back from new customers within a week, as they let us know their territories are set up correctly, records are owned by the right team member, and they are busy closing more deals.

Depending on the complexity of your ORG, you are likely to experience faster and more reliable business processes within 7 and 30 days.

Do all Salesforce Users need access to RealZips?

RealZips can be deployed across users that assign leads in real-time and run mass updates of Accounts. In limited deployments of RealZips (10 Users is the minimum subscription) it’s common for integration Users (e.g. Pardot and other external apps) to use RealZips for ownership assignment and enriching records outside of Salesforce).

However, it’s been proven many times that RealZips will have the greatest impact when used across all Salesforce Users, so records are updated in real-time, and everyone can see the entire sales team servicing each lead and account, or working on a particular opportunity or case.

There’s also an array of Lightning components that’s included with RealZips, that will make each User experience of Salesforce highly efficient and enjoyable.

In which ways can RealZips enhance my Salesforce users experience?

Our platform creates peace of mind across all your users. They can start engaging with a new lead, knowing it has been assigned correctly to them. A user can instantly collaborate with the entire team assigned to a certain prospect, and accelerate the conversion to customer.

The ReaZips Lightning components display nearby records both on maps and in list views and dynamic report links, opening up completely new ways to interact with their Salesforce application.

The deep geographic data allows your users to make instant decisions as they engage the right customers in the right areas at the right time.

What type of new functionality will RealZips deliver in the future?

The Development team has a long roadmap, propelled by our customers requests. In the next version, we will deliver a very powerful automation for pinpointing the closest location of any type.

For example, you may offer flights from 50 airports to your customers. RealZips will be able to associate all our customers by distance to those select 50 airports, all in a matter of minutes!

RealZips is a data-driven app, so you will see deeper data for many countries. For the US, we will make more data available to drive your organization’s jurisdictional compliance, such as when you can contact prospects and customers, and which product and services can be marketed and sold into e.g. counties and large cities.

What was the reason for building RealZips?

The app was built based on pure need, and lack of any existing solution. The founder was tasked to set up hundreds of additional territories, to support a hyper-growth life sciences company. The Salesforce Enterprise Management solution is a very powerful solution, but could not support 5 overlapping territories for each zip code, combined with a wide array of sales specialists.

The only solution that solved the problem was to attempt adding Zip codes to Salesforce – creating an open and endless GeoData Platform – and hopefully solve a virtually unlimited number of use cases.

Fast-forward a few years and the app has evolved to Ver 12, helping many global brands to drive success.

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