RealZips GeoData Platform

GeoData Platform

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Enrich your organizations Salesforce experience with the RealZips GeoData Platform.

Structure customers in every country by territories. Add deep geographic data for geo-targeting and instant analytics. Automate lead routing and customer ownership.

Transform your business with GeoData Insights.

RealZips GeoData Platform

Transform your
business with
GeoData Insights

A GeoData Platform structures and organizes your customer data in Salesforce automatically, empowering your team to connect faster with the right customers in the right places.

Leading global brands are right now building deeper customer relations, accelerated by GeoData Insights. Are you ready to unlock your team’s success journey?

RealZips Customers

Unlock deep value in your salesforce data

Use the RealZips GeoData Platform and automatically enrich millions of customer records with geographic context.

Global geographic context can be sales territories, channel territories, geographic jurisdictions, demographic data, business potential, risk exposure and competitive exposure.

Prepare to solve your team’s business needs, automate business workflows, and connect faster with customers.

RealZips GeoData Platform

Get GeoData

Empower your team with datasets

Turn GeoData into your competitive advantage.

Improve territory management, lead routing, and reporting capabilities. Add global and local GeoData to Salesforce, and respond faster to customer inquiries.

Discover your total addressable market and local market share. Identify competitive locations and automate risk assessment. Set benchmark metrics and accelerate success, using datasets from our RealDatasets store.

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