RealZips Add-on Modules

Set a global data structure and quickly solve use cases with a suite of RealZips add-on modules. Customize RealZips to exactly fit your needs.

RealZips Add-on Modules

Global Solution. Flexible add-on modules.

Install and configure a wide range RealZips Add-ons such as RealTerritories, RealTerritory Teams, RealCounties, global commission calculations and more.

RealZips is a 100% Salesforce native app, so you can even build your own add-on modules!

Global Catch-All

Implement a very efficient postal code-based territory solution for the entire world, starting with a single ‘Catch-All’ record per country. Manage alternate spellings of country names.


The most popular add-on, allowing your team to instantly set up territory management. RealTerritories is highly customizable, making it possible to manage large sales teams with geographic overlaps.


This is a simple add-on for organizations that operate on a county-basis. Use cases for RealCounties range across industries such as insurance, agriculture, local legislation, and franchise organizations.


Manage State-based laws, regulations, restrictions and incentives that impact your team’s ability to market and sell in a particular State. Display RealState data on all associated customer records.

RealTerritory Team

Organizations with large teams benefit greatly from the RealTerritory Team add-on. manage complex teams around the world, including each team members by Role, Channel and Department.

Global Time and Holidays

Display local time based on Daylight Savings. Pay respect to local holidays in each country, by automatic blocking outbound communication. Display a ‘Holiday’ flag on customer records.

Improve the User Experience with RealZips add-ons

The core RealZips app and it’s add-ons are completely modular. The add-ons can be installed and configured at any time, even in a live Production Salesforce Org.

Solve Use Cases with RealZips add-ons

The RealZips add-ons makes it possible to quickly customize your team’s use of RealZips. Help sales representatives. sales management, sales operations, corporate management, and channel partners drive sales success across:

  • Roll out Global Territory Management.
  • Build Dynamic Dashboards.
  • Enable Account Team Collaboration.
  • Improve Opportunity Management.
  • Deploy Territory Planning & Analytics.
  • Set Sales & Activity Quotas.
  • Display Commissions Baseline.
  • Serve up local regulations and incentives.

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RealZips is 100% native in Salesforce, so your team can focus on their success.