All-Industries GeoData Platform

The RealZips GeoData Platform is used across all industries. Any type of organization benefits from adding a robust GeoData structure to their Salesforce CRM.

All-Industries GeoData Platform

Universal GeoData solution for all industries

RealZips is empowering all sizes of organizations across every industry. Some RealZips customers operate in a single local market, while others have a global footprint. All customers using RealZips Industries GeoData Platform are rapidly improving their data and business processes.

Put RealZips GeoData to work in your Salesforce Cloud, no matter the industry.

Powered by data

RealZips enables organizations across industries to become powered by data:

  • Enhance existing records in Salesforce with GeoData structures.
  • Automate business workflows and connect faster with customers.
  • Add deep market datasets and discover growth opportunities.
  • Prioritize geographic areas based on your ability to serve a specific market.
  • Empower your team to connect with best-fit customers and stakeholders.
RealZips GeoData Platform

"Incredible what this app can do"

“We recently rolled RealZips out to our sales team and they are wondering what they ever did without this tool! It’s really incredible what this application can do.”

– Kelly Freeman

Industries RealZips GeoData Platform

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