Higher Education

The RealZips GeoData Platform provides a fully automated GeoData structure to support location intelligence. RealZips integrates for with the Salesforce Education Cloud for Higher Education, ascend by UC Innovation, and many other apps.

Higher Education

Unlock your data

Use GeoData across recruitment, segmenting admission applications by school districts. Add location intelligence to student records, whether they are on campus or anywhere around the world, to better meet their needs.  Benchmark fundraising against deep demographics and IRS donation data.

Gain deep demographic insights by adding the RealDataset for Higher Education.

Integrate GeoData with for example the Salesforce Education Cloud for Higher Ed and ascend from UC Innovation.

How higher education use RealZips today

RealZips opens up the ability to coordinate initiatives across different departments in completely new ways, by relating vast amounts of data in the Salesforce Education Cloud. Example of use cases:

  • Segment admission applications by school districts and MSA Metro areas.
  • Compare acceptance rates against geographic origin and demographics.
  • Correlate travel distance against enrollment, to support distant applicants.
  • Locate alumni event venues by travel distance for potential participants.
  • Geocode wealth screening results to pinpoint gift capacity by geography.
  • Benchmark donations against IRS charitable giving by zip code.
  • Discover where fundraising results are under- or outperforming.
  • Assign donors based on drive-distance from gift officers and airports.
Higher Education

Salesforce-native for rapid insights

RealZips supports your Salesforce Education Cloud for Higher Education.

Integrate RealZips with ascend Advancement Solutions by UC Innovation and take prospect management, gift processing, constituent engagement, and actionable insights to the next level.

Higher Education

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RealZips is 100% native in Salesforce, so your team can focus on their success.