Global Data Management

Instantly organize all your Salesforce data across the entire world. Automate business processes. Engage customers in new ways with Global Data Management. Take team collaboration to the next level.

Global Data Management

Dynamic postal code intelligence

RealZips provides a powerful Global Data Management solution based on postal codes, by eliminating the need for exact matching. RealZips makes it possible to use partial postal codes for lead routing, territory management, data enrichment and process automation.

Global Catch-All

Get started with just one RealZips record per country, making it possible to deploy a global territory solution in a matter of hours. Add deeper postal codes anytime, as business requirements change.

Predefined Global Regions

Automatically structure Salesforce data instantly by e.g. AMER, EMEA, and APAC. Apply geographic structures such as North America, South America, Western Europe, South Asia, etc.

Dynamic postal code length

RealZips dynamically uses partial postal codes and full postal codes. Cover large countries with only a 2-digit postal code matching, and go to full postal codes in the largest cities.

Unlimited global possibilites

Organize all customer records by local time, and communicate at the best possible time. Respectfully block communication on local holidays. Read flag embargoed countries and areas.

Global GeoData made simple

RealZips provides a dynamic and efficient global geographic data structure, making it possible to efficiently manage postal codes and territories across the entire world.

RealZips Global Data Management

Implement a global GeoData platform:

  • Support Alternative names for each country.
  • Manage global territories for internal teams and channel partners.
  • Enrich records with business critical data such as ISO coding.
  • Automate business processes such as global lead routing.
  • Only use full postal codes when needed.
Territories Data Management

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