Salesforce-native GeoData Platform

Enable success with automated geographic data, deeply integrated with your Salesforce records. Instantly enrich your existing Salesforce records with a global geographic data and accelerate sales success.

Salesforce-native GeoData Platform

Platform for success

Make geographic analysis and territory management easy with zip code-based sales mapping, lead routing and geo-targeting capabilities. Solve your business challenges with geo-targeted visualizations from RealZips a Salesforce-native GeoData Platform.


RealZips is 100% native in Salesforce. Use GeoData and territory data to automatically structure and improve your global customer data.

GeoData Platform

The geographic data structure in RealZips organizes your CRM data in meaningful ways and provides your team with actionable insights.

Business Automation

RealZips opens up possibilities for business automation for lead routing, account team assignments, case management, and much more. For example geographic areas can be tagged as ‘Preferred Locations’, so incoming leads can automatically be set to ‘hot lead’.

Enable Success

Existing records in Salesforce will be enhanced with GeoData, speeding up your team’s ability to connect faster with the right customers. For example, prospects can be automatically be assigned to a particular sales team based on geographic location and industry.

Empower your Salesforce Users with GeoData

Give team actionable insights by quickly adding RealZips Lightning components to existing page layouts:

Amazing Salesforce App!

“All Sales companies should implement RealZips. RealZips was so easy to implement and spot-on for our geo targeting needs. The RealZips team had us up and running live in Salesforce in less than a week. My sales team doesn’t go a day without checking their RealZips, looking for the best places to try and generate business.”

– R. Choi

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RealZips is 100% native in Salesforce, so your team can focus on their success.