Healthcare & Life Sciences

Relate deep healthcare data to your existing records in Salesforce. Organize data automatically by jurisdictions, regions, territories, and proximity to healthcare facilities.

Healthcare & Life Sciences


Health care providers, pharma, medtech, and public sector health organizations all benefit from RealZips GeoData, matching existing data Salesforce against deep healthcare-related GeoData.

Deep demographic and lifestyle data from for example the American Community Survey and Medicare can be integrated to understand current and future treatments needs in any geographic area. Add deep NPI data and HCPCS prescriptions and procedures.

Enhance your Salesforce Health Cloud with deep GeoData.

Add deep healthcare data to Salesforce

GeoData describing the US healthcare market can fully integrated with your existing CRM data, side-by-side in Salesforce:

  • 675,000 health care establishments.
  • 4,800 Hospitals by type and procedures.
  • 12,000 home health care providers.
  • 80,000 Medicare providers by product type.
  • 220,000,000 medical procedures data by HCPCS code.
  • 900,000 health care providers by specialty and NPI number.
  • Demographic data from Census 2010 and Census 2020.
  • American Community Survey data: age, insurance and disability status.
  • Tracings from own-brand distribution channels.
Healthcare and Life Sciences

Provide better service to patients and healthcare providers

RealZips makes it possible to combine critical datapoints, to understand the patient base across zip codes, counties, states, and territories. Start making instant business decisions based on  population, medical procedures, hospitals, doctors, and your own team’s activities.

RealZips empowers your team to collaborate with the right health care providers, in the right areas, at the right time.


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