RealZips is a GeoData Platform for Salesforce designed to provide a fully automated geographic structure to support your mission. RealZips integrates with the Nonprofit Cloud and the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), and the Marketing Cloud.


Add GeoData & demographic insights

RealZips adds deep geographic context and demographic insights to your Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. Millions of records can automatically be structured by zip codes, neighborhoods, cities, MSA metropolitan areas and more. Add deep demographic insights to pinpoint communities in need, and where to ask for donations.

How nonprofits use RealZips today

Examples of how nonprofits use RealZips to reach their goals:

  • Add global geocoding to map foreign members, donors, and volunteers.
  • Segment members by congressional districts to support advocacy efforts.
  • Analyze the correlation between member acquisition rates and location.
  • Segment programs by geographic location to understand impact.
  • Identify neighborhoods within major metropolitan and plan local activities.
  • Create territories based on where staff and volunteers are located.
  • Geocode donors by time-zones to for phonathons scheduling.
  • Benchmark donations against IRS charitable giving by zip code.
  • Integrate GeoData with Marketing Cloud / Pardot for exact targeting.
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Salesforce-native for instant results

RealZips supports your Nonprofit Cloud and the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), enabling your team to quickly organize income streams, inbound grants, and programs into actionable geographic structures.

RealZips for Nonprofit is discounted to suport your mission.

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RealZips is 100% native in Salesforce, so your team can focus on their success.