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Time for Targeted Selling

You have an awesome database of existing leads and customers in, but little or no knowledge on where to find top leads that will convert into paying customers.

“X” marks the spot

What if you had a treasure map inside, showing you where to find new customers? Instead of covering thousands of square miles in their search for gold, your team would simply go straight to the “X” and start digging.

Why a treasure map in

Companies spend enormous amounts of time and money looking for future customers. What if your team could eliminate a number of prospecting steps? What if your marketing and sales teams could focus on:

  • Looking across cities and learning how many possible customers exist.
  • Comparing existing customers with leads across a sales territory.
  • Concentrating on sales in geographic areas rich with potential customers.

Put GeoData to work, creating your treasure map

Based on a brand new Federal report released in May 2015, we know there are close to 7,500,000 companies across the US. By using the NAICS industry classification system, these companies can be sorted into 1,000 industry verticals. It’s even possible to break up the information by the number of employees. Lastly, all these organizations across your targeted industry verticals can be assigned to zip codes!

Thanks to this gigantic database of over 44 million datapoints, areas where your team will uncover potential customers can be identified, digging all the way down to a zip code level.

In short, all this Big Data is your treasure map
that will lead you to additional revenue!


Sample: Treasure map for selling to “Software Publishers”

Let’s say you’re selling to organizations making software (one of the 1,000 industry verticals we have GeoData on). This is what it takes to propel sales growth in the right geographical areas:

  • Get GeoData over Software Publishers by employee size across all zip codes.
  • Let us help by adding “Big Data” – on a zip code level – into the RealZips app for


  • Run automated reports across sales territories, metropolitan areas, cities and zip codes to discover where to find "customer gold".
  • The report below shows geographic CRM metrics in real time, combining your own CRM data with GeoData.
  • Compare the number of “Software Publishers” against all your existing Leads and Accounts in Salesforce. (pinpoint below).
  • Your team can even track activities across geographic areas, to ensure the right amount of effort is spent to generate growth.
  • Focus "Activities" in areas where there are many “Software Publishers” and few customers... and uncover gold!

Find, call and visit your future customers

Did we mention that you can simply click a button and identify all your potential customers in two seconds?