How the Salesforce Ecosystem Accelerates Customer Success

Salesforce AppExchange reaching 4 million downloads!

We are extremely proud to be part of the AppExchange and the Salesforce ecosystem

It's simply amazing to be part of empowering AppExchange customers, helping them increase productivity, lower cost, and accelerate revenue. This would not have been possible without the AppExchange.

Accelerating customer success with innovation

Salesforce customers often see a payback time of 13 months or less, according to an IDC survey. The Salesforce ecosystem and the AppExchange are drivers for such a short return on investment. Collaboration cross the Salesforce economy is simply unique. I've never before seen customers, app vendors, and integrators all work together on a single platform and drive such a degree of hyper-innovation!

Innovation is when you put an idea into action
— Marc Benioff

Apps helping business do more

Everyone in the Salesforce ecosystem helps businesses get more done. For example, we empower our customers with the RealZips territory management app. It is amazing to see our customer instantly structure all existing CRM data geographically, allowing them to find and close more deals:

RealZips RealTerritories.png

RealZips adds a complete zip code database to Salesforce, automatically organizing millions of records by sales territories, sales regions, the right salesreps, states, counties, metropolitan areas, time zones, and of course zip codes: 

With RealZips installed, marketing and sales teams are now focusing all resources in areas with the highest market potential. Our customers combine RealZips with many other apps, creating extremely powerful processes to better service their own customers and accelerate revenue!

App developers leveraging the AppExchange

Thanks to the AppExchange, app developers no longer need to build their own technology stack from the ground up. Instead, we all focus on delivering apps that help our customers become even more successful.

The technical platform Salesforce is providing, makes it possible to unlock business value. For example, we have been able to rapidly make the RealZips app compatible across Salesforce1 Mobile, Wave Analytics and the awesome Lightning user interface.

We estimate that our own RealZip app - without the AppExchange - would take months to deploy and integrate with existing CRM data. Thanks to the AppExchange, our clients can now install the app, upload geographic and market data, plus integrate with their own CRM data... in a matter of hours!

The Salesforce AppExchange is the glue connecting people with innovation

What's next for the AppExchange?

The Salesforce AppExchange is the glue connecting people and all innovation they bring us. We can not wait to be part of empowering even more customers, as we're adding features to the RealZips app, such as IoT data, real-time market data, and integration with other apps!

According to IDC's new report, the Salesforce ecosystem will create 1.9 million jobs and add $389 billion across the world over the next five years. I am convinced this will happen.

Congratulations to everyone at Salesforce and across the ecosystem for reaching 4 million installs!