Reach Data Zen in 9 steps

The more people we meet with, the more we see the hidden data problems most organizations have.

Chances are  your team is struggling with these challenges:

  • Duplicate leads, accounts and contacts
  • Incomplete address data and misspellings
  • Records owned by the wrong salespeople

Bad data will make your team not trust what is in your CRM system. When the data is wrong, excitement around all CRM efforts will fade away. The CRM system can no longer be used to proactively drive sales results and connect with more customers.

    When you install the RealZips app -  you're starting a journey towards sales success -  by implementing a geographic data structure across your CRM data. Our RealZips app automatically structures your data by Zip code, city, county, sales territory and more. Your data will become structured and actionable!

    Start your journey towards sales success:

    The image below shows the 9 steps almost all companies take once they realize they have a data problem. By taking these actions, they turn their problem into an opportunity to drive sales success:

    RealZips Reach Data Zen in 9 Steps.png