The native RealZips™ app for Salesforce enables our customers to drive sales success, instantly enriching and structuring our customers CRM data

See why RealZips is a competitive advantage through quoted customers



Empower your Stakeholders


The RealZips app was built on 25 years of CRM experience, helping your company collaborate across functions and drive sales success. Use RealZips to empower geographic workflows across all your stakeholders:

"With the amount of data that RealZips can provide, we can begin to assimilate its demographic data with our database to see what our target regions where to focus sales and marketing efforts, as well as track progress at a whole new level!!- Eric M.

Skip Data Entry


"Our team couldn’t be happier with this tool! Target lists that normally take an hour+ to generate, are done instantly. It is an amazing tool! You will love it!- Kris C.

Manage Territories by Zip Code

"We use RealZips to distribute new leads by Zip code as they come in through our web-to-lead forms. It works great! The RealZips team was very helpful in getting us set up. This app delivered exactly what we were looking for." - Robert C.


Mobile First App

RealZips runs on Salesforce1 Mobile


Customers Data by Territory

"RealZips has given us the tools to easily report demographic information, target Zip codes based on average income, population, and so much more! Our work is geographically focused and we needed something to define territories and create targeted lists. RealZips does this, plus more! Implementing RealZips has easily been the most beneficial app I've downloaded to date." - Latoya W.


Identify Potential and Track Performance

Every zip code is quickly ranked based on each your company's unique market potential and sales performance

If the potential is low and the performance is high, a company has a high degree of market penetration

Focus Sales on Untapped Markets

"Implementing RealZips gave our marketing ops team 15% of their week back and enabled another team! We've saved time and money and the RealZips team is so great to work with -- superb customer service!" - Angela O.



Customers use population and business demographics and immediately match the GeoData against their own CRM data and sales data.

They create drill-down reports across census regions, states, metropolitan areas, cities, sales territories, all the way down to a zip code level.

Since our customers started using RealZips, their reporting and analysis has never been the same.



Best App Ever


"Do you have multiple reps covering the same geography? Does one of them cover Major accounts and another cover SMB for the same state? Do you get requests to be able to route leads by zip code? Do you wish you could identify accounts that are owned outside a sales rep's territory (to ensure proper assignment and compliance)? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I highly recommend that you check out RealZips.

RealZips is so useful it makes you wonder why Salesforce hasn't built this functionality within their application.

I list this as a top 5 app for any Salesforce admin that has a complex sales territory. We have 5-6 sales people responsible for a given zip code and RealZips makes it so much easier to do assignments and routing!
- Brooke T.


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