Global enterprise territory management. Powered by GeoData.

Drive world-wide sales success

Empower your sales teams across the world with enterprise-grade territory management. Route leads instantly and ensure customer ownership across sales teams and sales channels. Enable true collaboration across all sales channels. 



RealZips Global - Key Features

Empower sales teams, sales management, sales operations, marketing and management with powerful tools to drive sales success:

  • Global territory management
  • Assign geographic areas to sales territories
  • Automatically assign Salesforce records to territories
  • 100% native Salesforce app and market data

Drive Sales Success through collaboration

  • Geographic areas
  • Industry- based sales teams
  • Inside & outside sales teams
  • Sales, support and sales channels

Lead Routing & Account Ownership

Automatically align records in Salesforce with the the right territories and sales reps, using business logic such as:

  • Geographic area
  • Geographic hotspots
  • Proximity to sales rep
  • Product Interest
  • Industry vertical
  • Record type
  • No. of employees
  • Annual revenue
  • Lead nurture score
  • Opportunity stage

Powerful technology

  • Integrates with Salesforce Enterprise Territory Management
  • Match-up against Salesforce Country picklist values
  • Dynamically allow multiple versions of country names
  • Dynamically select fields for postal code, and country matching
  • Simplify global lead assignment rules
  • Enrich records with geographic metadata

Country GeoData





Drive team collaboration, ramp-up of new reps, sales channel integration, automatically track terriotry changes, deep territory analytics

  • Enterprise-level global territory management
  • Instantly scalable solution
  • Overlapping territory management across geographic areas, industry verticals, and
  • Powerful geographic structures and layers
  • Manage multiple overlapping territoires
  • Gobal lead routing
  • Sales & Activity Quotas
  • Team Collaboration
  • New Reps Ramp-up
  • Territory Analytics
  • Change History



Accelerate revenue with zip code based territory management

World class territory management is critical to rapid-growth organizations

Any company looking to maximize revenue growth must execute across all key aspects of territory management. RealTerritories enables your team to:

  • Optimize sales territories as market conditions change
  • Manage overlapping territories and sales reps
  • Pinpoint market potential within sales territories
  • Align customer ownership in minutes
  • Analyze real-time quota progress across territories
  • Manage territory changes with full transparency
  • Enable sales teams to collaborate in territories