Life Sciences organizations are data-driven

Marketing and selling to health care providers are highly regulated and complex processes

The RealZips app enriches your existing CRM data with very deep health care data, making it possible to pinpoint your full market potential.

The RealDatasets describing your market opportunity is fully integrated with all your existing CRM data, right inside Salesforce.

RealDatasets for Life Sciences

The following data is available in Salesforce through RealZips, helping your team target the U.S. health care market



Provide better service to health care providers

RealZips for Life Sciences empowers marketing and sales teams with comprehensive data to understand national and local market opportunities

RealZips makes it possible to focus sales activities in areas with large clusters of physicians, creating as many opportunities to connect as possible.

By sharing data such as demographics and treatment data from RealZips, your team can empower health care providers to understand their local market.



Screenshots - RealZips for Life Sciences

Click the screenshots below to experience data that comes with RealZips

  • The example shows all neurologists and neurosurgeons
  • All major hospitals by address, type and provider ID
  • Medical procedures associated with brain surgery
  • Location data over physicians offices by employee size
  • Key demographic data to identify patient trends


RealZips Dashboard:
Combine healthcare data with your existing data

RealZips makes it possible to combine critical datapoints, to understand your market potential across states, sales territories and cities. It is now possible to make instant decisions based on data such as population, medical procedures, address data of hospitals and doctors, sales activities and sales progress.


Overview of RealDatasets for Life Sciences

  • Download this spreadsheet and review sample datasets
  • Contact us to select data that will drive your teams success
  • The data complements your existing data in Salesforce
  • Discover underserved areas and growth opportunities

RealZips empowers your team to get in touch with the right health care providers, in the right areas, at the right time