RealZips app: $25 / user / month

The RealZips app unlocks marketing and sales success. Combine geographic data, market data and existing CRM data. Manage territories, enrich customer data, identify market potential, route leads, automate ownership and create distance zones.

Included datasets & updates

  • US Zip codes *

  • Canada 3-digit postal codes

  • Quarterly updates included

Add-ons & market data

RealZips provides unlimited possibilites for hosting market data and building add-on solutions.

  • RealTerritory add-on. Free of charge.

  • Distance Zones: Pricing based on number of locations.

  • NAICS business data by Zip code across 1,000 US industries.

  • Full global coverage of postal codes and partial postal codes available.

  • Deep consumer and demographics data. Store >>


Free trial

We offer a free 30 trial combined with basic configuration help. We will help you define your team’s use cases and ensure business value.
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Volume discounts

The RealZips app scales across your organization, providing additional business value as you add more users. Start with as few as 5 users. Volume discounts are available, starting at 25+ users.

Nonprofit pricing

We love supporting nonprofits! Monthly pricing is discounted at $15 per user. Basic installation and configuration is completely free. Our professional services are discounted to support your cause.

Terms & conditions

  • 5 users minimum.

  • Billed annually.

100% peace of mind

RealZips is designed for speed, future compatibility and simplicity.

  • 100% native Salesforce app built for fast implementation.

  • Compatible with Lightning UI and Salesforce Mobile.

  • 100% Salesforce native geographic data and market data.

  • No API calls that can break or create security risks.

  • Simple app architecture for superb data processing speed.

  • Open geographic data platform for rapid customization.


  • Online help at

  • Next day response via email.

  • Next day response via phone.

  • GoToMeeting live support.

  • Service Level Agreement available.

Professional services

The RealZips team has 25 years experience of complex territory optimization projects. Our experience is rolled into the app, allowing you to instantly leverage the territory management processes we have developed over the years.

Our professional services team is available to engage in projects related to territory optimization, market data acquisition, global territory management, and customization.

RealZips ROI for our customers is significant and we consistently hear great feedback post implementation.
— K. Cervantes

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RealZips is proven to quickly save teams hundreds of hours, simplify Salesforce administration, and accelerate revenue.


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* US Zip code geographic data structure and automated data enrichment:
Included datapoints: Zip code, Zip3, city, county, sales territory, overlapping sales territories, sales regions, MSA metropolitan, state, time zone, census division, census region, area code, BEA region, federal region, MSA code, state name, square miles, zip type, longitude, latitude, businesses total, households, population by age groups, income per capita, average household income, IMF region, FEMA region, Court of appeals, Federal Reserve Bank district, country calling code, Google Adwords targeting, Google Adwords DMA region name (Designated Market Area), and DMA region code. Multiple geo-indexes and combined data fields for Salesforce-native search, sorting, reporting and analytical capabilities. Unlimited additional datapoints available across all industries.