Application Features

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  • Enrich CRM Data | Manage Territories | Route Leads | Align Ownership
  • Identify Business Potential | Target Locations | Track Performance | Mobilize Sales
  • Real-time analytics across CRM data & GeoData natively in Salesforce

Application Price

For the price of two lattes per week, everyone can have RealZips


$25 / User / Month

  • (billed annually)

GeoData Included

70 datapoints per US Zip code.

100% integration with your existing CRM data within Salesforce


  • Zip code, city, county, MSA metropolitan, state, time zone, census division, census region, and country
  • Area code, BEA region, Federal region, MSA code, state name, square miles, zip type, longitude, and latitude
  • Businesses total, households, population by age groups, income per capita, average household income (year 2000 Census)
  • IMF region, FEMA region, Court of appeals, Federal reserve bank district, country calling code, Google Adwords targeting, Google Adwords DMA region name (Designated Market Area), and DMA region code, and more
  • Multiple Geo-indexes and combined data fields for Saleforce-native search, sorting, reporting and analytical capabilities

Country Coverage

Two countries included in base price


Select two free countries

  • United States, Canada
  • UK, Germany,  France
  • Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland
  • Additional countries continuously added

Additional countries

  • $5 per user / month


RealDatasets -
Add-on datapoints


Add custom datapoints. Identify potential and track performance


For purchase:  RealDataset packages by zip code

  • Business Count by NAICS / SIC code
  • 2013 Population estimates
  • Consumer behavior
  • US Sales tax by zip code
  • Weather and hurricane risk data
  • Contact us for RealDatasets and pricing

For purchase: RealDataset packages - industry specific GeoData

  • Automotive / Communications / Financial Services / Government
  • Health Care / Higher Ed / Life Sciences / Manufacturing
  • Media / Nonprofit / Retail
  • Contacts us for pricing

Weather Data


  • Predictive weather modeling by zip code
  • Real-time weather on all customers records
  • Weather predictions for all customer locations


Take full advantage of RealZips GeoData


Support package included

  • Online help at
  • Next day response via email
  • Next day response via phone
  • GoToMeeting live support for Salesforce admin
  • Customer Success Manager*** and Service Level Agreement available upon request