RealTerritories is a powerful add-on for the RealZips app.

RealTerritories delivers powerful territory management, based on the robust RealZips GeoData Platform.

RealTerritories is very easy to customize, supporting all types of industries, territory structures and sales team hierarchies.

Enable your team to collaborate and accelerate revenue. Drive success by focusing on the right geographic places, getting in touch with the right customers, at the right time:



RealTerritories - Key Features

Get ready for revenue growth

Provide sales reps, sales management, sales operations and corporate management with powerful tools to drive sales success:

  • Territory Planning

  • Territory Optimization

  • Territory Management

  • Market Data for Growth

  • Sales & Activity Quotas

  • Team Collaboration

  • New Reps Ramp-up

  • Territory Analytics

  • Change History



Real-time territory overview


RealTerritories provides immediate insights for territories, allowing everyone to focus on geographic areas that will deliver tomorrow's growth.

Track progress for each territory in real-time. Instantly drill into any territory's geographic layers and uncover new market potential.

RealTerritory Overview.gif


Implement territory management for growth


RealTerritories makes it possible to manage overlapping sales territories and sales teams.

Manage different types of territories across field sales,  inside sales, partner channels, franchise regions and more.

Make instant changes to sales team members covering a territory. Plan new territories. Assign open territories to a temporary sales rep in just seconds.

RealZips - RealTerritory Overview - Arizona.jpg


Track sales and activity quotas in real-time

Assign different types of goals across territories, such as sales and activity quotas. Track performance in real-time.

RealTerritories is 100% customizable, allowing for yearly, monthly and quarterly quota goals. Performance can be tracked across sales and activities or any other key metrics.

RealZips RealTerritories Set Quotas.jpg


Empower each sales rep to track progress

Key metrics roll up from the RealZips associated with a territory, enabling a sales rep to review their own territory's performance instantly.

Key metrics are 100% customizable, using existing data in RealZips and the entire Salesforce database. Key Metrics eliminates the need for reviewing multiple reports and dashboards, while planning sales activities.

RealZips RealTerritories RealKeyMetrics.jpg


Use market data and pinpoint growth areas

Every zip code in RealZips contains your customized data for market potential across B2B and B2C markets.

The zip code market data automatically rolls up to the territory level, providing your team with unprecedented business insights. The sample below shows market data for a pharmaceutical company selling to neurosurgeons.

We provide market data across all industries, based on for example NAICS business data, Experian Mosaic consumer data, plus a wide array of other data sources.

RealZips RealTerritory Market Data.jpg


Run sales activities by zips, territory zones, counties and metro areas


Every territory is built on a set of zip codes, allowing the sales team to focus resources in high growth areas.

Each zip code is geographically structured by city, county, metropolitan area, territory zone and more. Every zip code has data over market potential and sales performance, enabling your team to run laser-focused sales activities.



Collaborate on territory growth plans


Empower your team to manage territory budgets, sales plans and meetings in one place.

Upload and territory-related documents to drive collaboration between sales management, field sales, inside sales teams and marketing. 



Run instant territory reports


One-click reports present all existing data in Salesforce by territories. 

Give your team immediate access to territory reports, eliminating the need for large quantities of customized reports. Speed up the sales team's ability to analyze their own customer data and take action.



Leverage territory and market data in standard Salesforce reports

RealZips and RealTerritory data are automatically connected to all existing in Salesforce.

Your team can run reports that combine leads with territory data, to instantly gain unprecedented insight into your business. In the report below 6,151 leads are divided across the sales regions named "Central".

Notice the column with 3-star potential. 571 leads in the "Chicago Greater" sales territory are in cities with a high overall market potential. Your sales team can now focus on closing these leads first.



Automatically add territory data to all records


Speed up workflows in Salesforce, using complete territory and geographic structures.

RealZips automatically enriches every record in Salesforce with territory data and a geographic structure.

The lead below was automatically assigned to the sales rep covering the zip code. Ownership of thousands of records can be adjusted in minutes. Territory name has been added, along with county, time zone and any other data point needed to get in touch with customers faster.

RealZips - Lead with RealZips data.jpg


Accelerate revenue with zip code based territory management

World class territory management is critical to rapid-growth organizations

Any company looking to maximize revenue growth must execute across all key aspects of territory management. RealTerritories enables your team to:

  • Optimize sales territories as market conditions change

  • Manage overlapping territories and sales reps

  • Pinpoint market potential within sales territories

  • Align customer ownership in minutes

  • Analyze real-time quota progress across territories

  • Manage territory changes with full transparency

  • Enable sales teams to collaborate in territories