Empower Sales with Business Density

April 10, 2015

How can a sales team plan where to look for growing their business?

Throughout my 20+ years in business development, I’ve been part of mapping out where to find new sales opportunities. It was either my own territory, my team’s territories or a whole company’s regions and territories. The questions are always very similar:

  • Where do we have customers today?
  • Where can we find new customers?
  • How can we find clusters of new customers?
  • How do we measure our success?

Business Density Key Metrics

One of the absolutely quickest ways to understand where to look for new customers is the key metric Business Density by zip code, categorized as follows:

  • High – 200 or more businesses per square mile
  • Medium – Between 30 and 200 businesses per sq. mile
  • Low – Less than 30 businesses per sq. mile

This business density metric creates “islands” on a map used to identify general areas where a company should focus their marketing and sales activities. No matter which industry your company specializes in, it provides a powerful guidance for where field teams should engage. Simply start in high density areas and work outwards (see image below).


We have compiled high quality Business Density maps for 30 major markets across the United States.


Empowering sales with RealZips Key Metrics

These key metrics originate from our RealZips app for Salesforce. The RealZips app has many out-of-the-box metrics, which can be combined with your own customer data and sales data. You can add customized data over business density for your industry focus.


Overview of Zip codes and Key Metrics


These key metrics will empower Salesforce.com user in your company, providing guidance to areas where your team can close more deals.


Key Metrics for Zip code 10019 in New York City