Manage Territories in with RealZips GeoData

March 10, 2015

Salesforce recently upgraded the native territory management module to Territory Management 2.0.

Territory Management 2.0 lets you build sales hierarchies and assign access to Accounts across your whole sales team. Over the years, we have learned that access to Accounts must be set up right to drive collaboration across sales teams and ultimately sales success.

However, matching customer Accounts to territories is always a challenge:

  • How do you assign all Accounts in “New England” to the New England Director of Sales?
  • How can Accounts in Greater San Diego and surrounding cities (La Jolla, Coronado, Mission Valley, etc.) automatically be assigned to the “San Diego Territory”?
  • How do you assign all Accounts across New York Metropolitan area to an Key Account Manager for “NY Metro”?

By combining the RealZips with Territory Management 2.0 you can solve these challenges listed above. Everyone in your company will be able to check if all Accounts are assigned to the right salesperson. Learn how to use RealZips in Salesforce Territory Management, by reviewing this help post.