Match CRM data in Salesforce with sales people

March 10, 2015

Most organizations struggle to match CRM data with the right sales person.

The effort to continuously align your company’s customer data in Salesforce with the right sales people is overwhelming and costly. Most organizations have a lot of customer records owned by the wrong sales person. Many of us have seen what this causes:

  • Commissions are paid to the wrong sales people.
  • Sales people do not meet their quotas.
  • Customers are not being called on by the right people.
  • Sales teams can not get a true overview of their customers.
  • Mailers are sent out with the wrong sales person’s name listed.

We built RealZips to make it possible for companies to instantly align all their Salesforce CRM data with the right sales person. The current challenge around ownership can within days be turned into an opportunity to drive even greater sales success.

Solving ownership challenges permanently.

Oftentimes, we found ourselves having to align thousands of customer records with the right owner. This challenge turned into the reason for building RealZips. By now, we love hearing the excitement from customers, as they align ownership and set themselves up for sales success. We still find find it amazing to learn how our customers keep all their CRM data aligned over time:

sales people


Calculate your risk. Then solve your ownership challenges once and for all.

Calculate how much time your team can save by using our app. Find out how to minimize legal risk for everyone and drive success for your sales team.

Put our ROI Calculator to use.

  • Fill in the yellow boxes with your organization’s ballpark values.
  • Estimate the risk of revenue being assigned to the wrong person.
  • Identify your current risk of commissions being paid out incorrectly.
  • Calculate how much time your team can save with RealZips.

Sales Person



When all CRM data in Salesforce is owned by the right person or sales team, both marketing and sales can operate more effectively. The benefits of having CRM data matched with your sales people spans across all internal and external stakeholders.