RealZips – A True Companion for Salesforce Consultants

October 20, 2022

Empower your Clients

As a Salesforce consultant, you help clients to get more business by streamlining their operations.

In order to empower your clients with intelligent process automation, marketing and sales enablement, sales strategy and territory planning across different geographic areas, you need an innovative Salesforce application like the RealZips Global GeoData Platform. It’s a geo-location platform developed for Salesforce organizations, making it possible to connect faster with the right customers in the right locations. 

For many organizations, geographic management is a major effort . Trying to analyze who should manage leads, accounts and contacts, is a tremendous challenge for their business operations. Additionally, sales territory management becomes harder because of dynamic market conditions, change in headcount across sales teams, globalization, etc. This is where RealZips becomes  your true companion, making it possible to solve your clients’ headaches.

What is the RealZips App for Salesforce? 

The RealZips GeoData Platform is a Salesforce-native app that automatically structures and organizes customer data geographically. RealZips is often used for  enterprise territory management, data enhancement and workflow automation. 

Once the RealZips Salesforce app is deployed in  a client’s organization, all records will start linking to the respective zip or postal codes. You can set up multiple ownership assignment rules in the RealZips app in a matter of minutes.

Here are some of the typical use cases for the RealZips Salesforce platform:

  • Automatic Geographic Data Structure: Organize customer records by relating to geographic data points in RealZips. It will help your client achieve marketing and sales success as their team members can effectively make better use of the available customer data. 
  • Salesforce Record Ownership: The RealZips app lets you eliminate incorrect ownership assignments. Customer handovers and sales team collaboration can be vastly improved, which drives higher customer retention. 
  • Global Territory Management: The RealZips Sales territory management app is powered by zip codes. It helps your clients integrate their Salesforce records with drive zones, deep market data, and geographic layers for effective territory management.
  • Process Automation: RealZips allows your clients to target areas with the highest growth opportunities and best market conditions. This further helps you as a consultant to  automate your clients  business processes, enabling them to make informed decisions on where to promote, sell, and service. 
  • Market Data Enhancement: The RealZips app allows for the addition of an unlimited amount of client-specific demographic, market or proprietary data.  The market data is used to describe your client’s market conditions, integrated with their existing customer data.
  • Lead Assignment and Distance Zones: With RealZips, you can create distance zones for different locations and rank geographic areas according to market data and key metrics for any organization. Lead assignment rules can be created in less than 30 minutes. Distance zones around sales representatives will immediately make your clients’ CRM data actionable.  
  • Marketing and Sales Enablement: The data-driven marketing and sales processes powered by RealZips help your team to focus on the areas with the highest market potential to connect with more potential customers. 
  • Data Analytics & Reporting: You can implement global data analytics and reports by using RealZips app, leading to improved sales strategies and marketing activities, and business automation. 

How Can You Partner with RealZips? 

Being a Salesforce consultant, you always seek to offer the best possible solution. The RealZips team is here to help you drive success for your clients. Whenever you believe you have a use case for RealZips, simply request a discovery call with us.

What Type of Clients Will Benefit from RealZips ?

The RealZips GeoData Salesforce app is intuitively designed for Salesforce organizations with extensive customer records and related data. Companies with a lot of automation legacy, including process builders, workflows, and custom APEX, get instant value from the RealZips. You will be able to improve their automation framework, all while improving their data quality.  Furthermore, companies with operations in many countries or complex territories will find RealZips highly beneficial. 

What Kind of Results Should Your Clients Expect? 

The RealZips app can instantly be installed, configured and deployed. Your client’s data in Salesforce will most often be structured into geographical territories on the initial day.  However, it may take up to a few weeks if the Salesforce organization has very complex global territories. 

RealZips offers a business automation framework that includes deep market data and geographical global data analytics. Therefore – as a Salesforce Consultant – you have an opportunity to work closely with your client and add value to their business over time. 

What will the RealZips Team Bring to the Table?

The RealZips Inc. team has 30+ years of experience in global CRM implementations across various industries. As your trusted Salesforce partner, we look forward to supporting  you in solving use cases across your client base. Our team will work closely with you to help deliver the best possible results for your clients.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Clients?

To determine your clients need for RealZips, you can simply ask the following questions:

  1. Is your Salesforce customer data missing important geographic data points and territory assignments?
  2. Can your team analyze customer data using automatic geographic drill-downs across all customer data?
  3. Are you facing challenges with lead routing due to complex rules and overlapping automation processes?
  4. Are you struggling to run marketing campaigns based on travel distance, metropolitan areas, or counties?
  5. Are your sales teams and channel partners aware of where to focus their sales efforts, based on market potential?
  6. Do you find Salesforce Enterprise Territory Management rules and hierarchies difficult to manage?
  7. Have you implemented territory management, powered by zip codes and descriptive geographic data?
  8. How do you reconcile and ensure proper record ownership and record sharing?
  9. Is there a lot of legacy automation to support Account Sharing and ownership rules?
  10. Does your team have instant access to deep market data in Salesforce, to support daily activities?