Why did I build RealZips for Salesforce?

May 22, 2016

We are Salesforce Guys, just like you

Every day, I struggled with ownership issues in Salesforce

As sales reps joined or left our team — I was always behind — trying to figure out who should own leads, accounts, and contacts.

When territory borders changed, the problem became much worse. It took months to transfer ownership of thousands of records, not to mention editing lead assignment rules and adjusting account sharing rules.

Other Salesforce Admins kept asking: “Isn’t there a better way?”

Since so many of us live with the same challenges, it made sense trying to solve the territory management problems once and for all.

I spent over two years building the RealZips app, with the intent to fix all our territory headaches. It was a painstaking experience, but my fellow Admins kept pushing me forward.

When Salesforce Admins set up RealZips, this is what will happen

  • The native app adds zip codes and market potential to Salesforce
  • Each zip code has 50 geographic data points, including sales territories
  • All existing records are automatically linked to their zip code
  • CRM data is structured by territories, counties, time zones & more
  • Setting up lead assignment becomes a matter of minutes, not weeks
  • Reassigning ownership can take 30 minutes, as opposed to a month

Empower your sales team with “3x Right”

Salesforce Admins love to show me how they now focus efforts on enabling their sales teams to win more opportunities, guiding sales to:

  • Focus on the right place
  • Meet with the right customer
  • Pick the right time