Why international companies need global territory management

September 12, 2017

International companies with many sales teams face incredible challenges while trying to earn and retain each customer’s business. As your company’s sales teams grow geographically, the risk for internal overlaps and local competition increase. With RealZips global territory management you will mitigate that risk.

Your organization’s survival depends on its ability to adapt and align internal resources with its current and future customers. These are questions every company looking into geographic expansion – or defending its existing markets – must answer:

  • Are we focusing on the right geographic areas?
  • Are we utilizing the right local resources?
  • Are we meeting with the right customers?

Any company planning to grow or maintain their market share must put a single framework for global territory management in place, allowing their teams to drive sales success by:

  • Allocating resources across geographical areas.
  • Driving deep collaboration between multiple sales teams.
  • Focusing activities in areas with many current and future customers.


Drive global sales success in four steps

1. Set a global geographic structure
We built the RealZips app for powerful territory management around the world. The RealZips app adds geographic metadata, powered by zip codes, postal codes, partial postal codes, plus market data. Your different markets can have varying depths of geographic data to match your marketing and sales efforts.

The RealZips app now delivers global coverage, allowing for dynamic assignment of countries, provinces, states, metropolitan areas, cities, postal codes, etc. In the example below, Japan is divided by our 3-digit postal code level:


2. Assign sales territories

With the geographic structure in place, overlapping territories and complex team structures can effectively be assigned across geographic areas. Future territories can be set up to be deployed at a later date. Channel partner territories can be managed alongside with own channels. Lead assignment and inside sales teams can instantly be assigned to support growth as needed.

The image below shows the territory for Tokyo, complete with the current team members and resources:


3. Align CRM data with territories

Existing records in your Salesforce are automatically assigned to a territory, making it possible to assign ownership and allocating resources in real time.

When territories change and team members are reassigned, ownership of leads, accounts, and opportunities can be made in a matter of minutes. Each team member can immediately reference the team covering the geographic area making instant collaboration around each customer possible.

Leads are instantly routed to the best fit resource based on product interest and company size. In the screenshot below, an incoming lead has been automatically assigned to a territory:


4. Measure sales success

With a powerful geographic geographic structure and territory management solution in Salesforce, companies can now measure global sales across marketing campaigns, lead generation, opportunity pipeline, and revenue growth.

The image below shows performance across sales territories in Japan, sorted by sales to quota. This allows the company to instantly allocate resources for optimal growth across any market and sales territory:


This report is built in the powerful Salesforce Lightning interface, showing 145 sales territories across the world. The report is dynamically updated daily, showing sales progress versus sales quota:


Quick recap

The RealZips app for Salesforce provides a global geographic structure for your team’s customer data. The geographic data makes it possible to plan, deploy, and manage sales territory success.

RealZips is 100% native in your Salesforce. Existing territory management (such as Enterprise Territory Management) can be leveraged in RealZips, along with your existing lead assignment rules.

Business processes can be vastly improved. The RealZips app is used by organizations to drive lead assignment, team collaboration, sales channel management, customer ownership alignment, sales quota, sales analytics, and pinpoint future growth opportunities.

The RealZips app is proven to deliver a rapid return on investment.