Transportation & Hospitality

RealZips for Transportation/Hospitality benefits small and big enterprises by generating location-based decision-making by using the GeoData Platform. RealZips enriches Salesforce Data by ensuring customer, driver and other contact types have accurate, intuitive location-based data.

RealZips for Transportation

  •       Promote smooth logistics by using the RealZips Geodata Platform, geo analysis can link data and teams, serving the business with insightful decisions, improved collaborations, and interactions.
  •       Cross channel view on where the regular transport consumers are located VS. where the service areas are, in this way, a business can assist the clients easily. 
  •       Identify market trends, high-density shippers, and forecast supply and demand patterns by using geomarketing data. 

      Connect with couriers, drivers, and cargo operators by using Geocode time zones, ensuring real-time monitoring and accurate calls.

RealZips for Hospitality

       Improve client satisfaction and commitment by serving personalized marketing strategies and sales events based on location

  •       Enhance Salesforce data set unified with RealZips Geodata platform to efficiently store and update data. Therefore, the business can cater to the needs of clients in every related aspect.

      Operate 100% Salesforce native technology for user-friendly and specific hospitality tools.

RealZips for Transportation/Hospitality


RealZips for Transportation/Hospitality allows vast possibilities for utilizing third-party solutions such as specific tools, systems, software and so much more, through this, your business can certainly gleam in a tight indus

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