Closest Location

Automatically relate Salesforce records to any type of closest location. Create marketing zones based on travel distance. Divide territories into sales zones.

Closest Location

RealZips Closest

The automated feature RealZips Closest will unlock endless possibilities for your team.

RealZips Closest makes it possible to put your Salesforce records in a distance context, relating to critical locations such as the closest:

  • Sales representative
  • Service location
  • Distribution center
  • Channel partner
  • Competitive location
  • Airport
  • Corporate office
  • Event location


Put RealZips Closest to use

Territory Optimization

Use travel distance while optimizing sales territories, allowing your sales team to operate within distance zones. Minimize travel time for your entire team

Service Logistics

Review your team’s current ability to service customers based on travel distance. Identify areas that are currently underserved. Allow your service and support teams to effectively operate within travel zones.

Marketing Campaigns

Focus marketing campaigns in areas where your team can effectively sell and provide support. Your team can even avoid areas where the competition has a strong presence.

Sales Activities

Empower your sales team with automated sales zones based on distance and direction. Make it possible for your entire sale team to instantly plan each day’s travel routes.

Turn distance into a competitive advantage

Set up automatic distance relationships between massive amounts of customer records and your teams’ locations. Gain instant insights into how well your team can serve future and existing customers.

Distance-based customer service

RealZips Closest makes it possible to a approach each  customers based on distance.

Customers within a 20 mile distance can easily be served by the closest salesrep. For customers 40 miles or further away from a rep, the goal could be to provide remote selling and support capabilities.

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