Data Enrichment

The RealZips app enriches your Salesforce records with contextual geographic data and territory assignments.

Data Enrichment

Missing data enrichment?

The lack of geographic data on Salesforce records is limiting your teams success, since your Salesforce data cannot be used to it’s full potential.

By not having geographic data that automatically groups customers, organizations miss out on opportunities across targeted marketing and sales activities.

Benefits of geographic data enrichment

Geographic structure

Add automatic geographic markers to all Salesforce records such as City, County, MSA Metro, State Region, State, Census Region, plus multiple territory structures.

Process Automation

Put geographic data to use across connected apps and automation flows on the Salesforce platform. GeoData can e.g. be used for ownership logic, lead qualification, prioritizing geographic areas.

Market Data

Add deep geographic data to Salesforce such as consumers preferences, business hotspots and risk exposure. Manage with jurisdiction you can sell and market within.

Actionable Analytics

The automated GeoData structure added to existing Salesforce records enables your team to make geographic drill-down analytics in standard Salesforce Reports and Dashboards.

make your salesforce data better

Salesforce records enriched with RealZips GeoData opens up new capabilities for your team to drive sales success by organizing customer data as featured in these screenshots.

Deliver Success with data enrichment

As soon as you install the RealZips app, your entire Salesforce database will be enriched with geographic data points, providing your team with instant analytics and a platform for process automation.

Your team will be empowered to make faster decisions across marketing, sales and support activities.

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