Reporting & Analytics

Add automatic territory assignments, geographic markers and market data to Salesforce. Take reporting and analytics to new levels.

Reporting & Analytics

fill in data gaps

Organizations are missing out on countless opportunities because of incomplete customer data. Missing data makes it hard or even impossible to find records in Salesforce.

The RealZips add enriches existing records bases on Zip code matching, giving your entire database a meaningful data strucucture, to be used across your team’s daily marketing, sales and support activities.

Unlock your Salesforce data

Geographic data enrichment

Add deep zip code / postal code data to Salesforce. Make existing customer data actionable.

Territory Structures

Improve territory management with geographic data, allowing your sales team to drill down into smaller territory segments.

Geographic drill-down

Provide a logical structure of geomarkers in Salesforce, enabling your team to drill-down into records across regions, terrritories, MSA Metros, counties, cities and more.

Contextual market data

Add deep market data on the zip code level, putting existing prospect and customer records into a rich context of local market conditions.

Powerful reporting & analytics

Integrate the RealZips GeoData with your existing Salesforce data. Open up completely new ways for your Users to understand market potential and how to best serve existing customers.

provide powerful reporting & analytics

The moment you add deep geographic data to Salesforce, your existing customer data will be given a rich geographic context.

RealZips GeoData opens up unlimited possibilities for exact searches, meaningful reports, and drill-down analytics.

The geographic structure can be implemented across your entire Salesforce database in a matter of hours, allowing your users to understand market potential, identify best-fit prospects and visit best-fit customers.

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RealZips is 100% native in Salesforce, so your team can focus on their success.