Sales Zones

Sales teams must have zones within their territories to plan activities and efficiently serve customers.

Sales Zones

Streamline sales activities

Managing a geographic territory can be overwhelming, as travel time limits the amount of time that can be spent with customers.

Sales Zones in RealZips makes it possible to streamline lead generation, meet with the right prospects and serve customers.

Types of Sales Zones

Jurisdictional Zones

RealZips automatically structures customer records with sales zones based on city, zip code cluster, county, and MSA Metropolitan area. Add jurisdictional zones to reports, dashboards and map filters.

Pre-defined Zones

Your Sales Operations team can predefine in-territory zones and apply to the RealZips app. You can even find pre-defined territories and territory zones in our store: US Territory Template

Automated Distance Zones

The RealZips Closest feature will mass calculate distance zones around the home office location for all sales reps. All prospects and customers will be organized by travel distance for your entire sales team.

Pin-drop Zones

Make a pin drop and immediately calculate distance to surrounding customers, using RealZips Maps of RealZips Nearby List! Plan the travel route on the fly, including navigation on an iPhone or iPad.

Visualize Sales Success

The RealZips app provides features to enable your team to cover more ground and focus on best-fit customers:

Implement Sales Zones

RealZips combines customer data and market data, enabling your team to focus on geographic hotspots. Sales Zones are based on market potential and ability for your team to serve.

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