Unlock Data with AI

More data in Salesforce is added daily, generating an endless stream of new data. Learn how to use RealZips to generate AI-based actions.

Unlock Data with AI

Unlock data-driven actions

As data in Salesforce and connected systems grow rapidly, it’s impossible for your team to gain instant insights and take immediate action. Decisions are often based on intuition rather than grounded in data analytics.

In order to stay competitive, your team needs to tap into data-driven insights powered by Artificial Intelligence. Use RealZips to guide AI and propose the next set of actions.

Ground AI Insights with RealZips

Set a geographic framework

RealZips structures your Salesforce records with geographic dimensions, based on global zip codes.

Territory Management

Relate customer records with territory assignments, sales teams, service teams, channel partners and closest locations.

Tap into market conditions

Put Zip-code based market data describing local conditions to use. RealZips provides endless business and demographic data.

Feed AI with verified data

Guide the AI technology with verified RealZips data. Automatic AI Insights can be trusted and put to use across your team.

Generate meaningful actions

When Salesforce Einstein Copilot taps into deep RealZips GeoData, the results will be relevant and grounded in meaningful data Your team will be empowered to make informed decisions, tailor their actions to specific geographic areas, and drive sales growth.

Ground AI with RealZips GeoData

Grounding Salesforce Einstein Copilot with RealZips Geodata enables your team to leverage the full potential of AI-driven insights within a context of geographic data and local market conditions.

RealZips offer a solution for optimizing the sales and marketing efforts through enhanced geographic insights, improved territory management, data-driven decision-making, personalized sales assistance.

The native integration between RealZips and Copilot enables your team to run targeted marketing and sales strategies which leads  to better business outcomes.

Video demo – Generate AI Actions

Summarize Leads. Propose next actions.

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