Account Teams

RealZips makes it possible to control access to Salesforce records based on global territories, down to zip codes and postal codes.

Account Teams

Control access to Salesforce records

Many organizations struggle with their sharing model. There’s a wide range of tools available within a Salesforce Org to set up a Sharing Architecture, such as Territory Hierarchy Access, Team Access, Sharing Rules, Role Hierarchy and more.

Nonetheless – no combination of these existing tools can provide a granular control for Territory-based Account Teams – down to zip code level.

RealZips Territory Teams

Manage Account Teams

Remove the overwhelming complexity of managing access to Salesforce records, by trusting RealZips Territory Teams for record access.

Control record access

From RealZips Territory Teams, simply control access to Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Cases. Make changes to access levels at any time.

Data-driven Account Team Management

RealZips makes it possible to manage account teams dynamically, allowing your team to review territories, territory teams and each users access level.

This is made possible with a data-driven territory architecture, based on Zip codes and global postal codes. RealZips integrates with Salesforce Account Sharing Rules and Enterprise Territory Management, making account team management more powerful than ever.

Manage Record Access without stress

RealZips Territory Account Teams delivers a check-and-balances solution for record access, where the RealZips app first assigns who should have record access, and thereafter updates the Salesforce Account Sharing engine.

You will finally be able to rest assured record access is set up as expected.

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