Lead Routing

Route Leads in real-time to best-fit resource, closest rep or store. RealZips Lead Routing is a globally scalable solution.

Lead Routing

Why switch to RealZips Lead Routing?


RealZips can assign any amount of incoming leads in real-time, coming into Salesforce from multiple streams.


Combine global geographic territory assignments with sophisticated business rules. RealZips Lead Routing is fully scalable.


RealZips is based on deep zip code / postal code data, making the geographic assignment powerful yet simple.

Market Data

RealZips can integrate massive amounts of  localized market data, to pre-qualify incoming Leads and associate with e.g. the closest store.

How RealZips Lead Routing works

RealZips provides a zip code / postal code assignments, making it possible to route Leads instantly to the best possible sales resource. Your team will be able connect with new Leads in real-time.

Robust lead routing

RealZips is a data-driven lead routing solution, scalable across multiple teams and the entire world.

The lead assignment logic can be change at any time, taking full advantage of virtually endless geographic markers and market data indicators.

For example, if an incoming Lead is within 10 miles from a store, the store manager will receive the lead. If the Lead is far from a store, the Virtual Sales team will receive the Lead.

Let’s say a new Lead is close to both a sales rep and a service location – the Lead will be prioritized – since it will be efficient to close the deal and to service the future customer.


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RealZips is 100% native in Salesforce, so your team can focus on their success.