Ownership Automation

The RealZips Ownership Automation is based on deep geographic data, territory assignments and dyamic business logic, providing a robust framework for ownership of Salesforce records

Ownership Automation

Powered By Zip Codes and Business Rules

The framework behind the RealZips Ownership Automation is based on a global postal code structure, territory assignments and your organization’s business rules.

The Owner Automation gives you  full flexibility, including sophisticated ownership exceptions. Ownership assignments can be made as simple or complex as needed, supporting your team’s changing business needs.

Automated and predictable record ownership

Mass Update Ownership

Review proposed ownership changes, using standard Salesforce reports. Make territories and sales teams updates with a simple push of a button.

Real-Time Ownership Assignment

As records are created or edited, RealZips will assign Leads, Accounts, Opportunities and more to the right sales rep, sales team or lead queue.

territory-based ownership

RealZips delivers mass updates of records, ownership automation and market data maintaining full control of ownership prior to committing major reassignments of e.g. Leads, Accounts and Opportunities.

Configuration of Ownership

Each Salesforce object’s interaction with the native RealZips app and ownership logic is configurable using a module named RealObject:

  • Select which zip code and country fields the RealZips app will use.
  • Point to a field containing business logic for ownership.
  • Turn on / off real time owner assignment.
  • Run ‘Mass Update Owner’ across all records.
  • Realign ownership with a push of a button.

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